etsy + west elm pop up shop

Saturday, March 22, 2014

charlotte west elm + etsy pop up shop
guys! it's an exciting week around here.
 a week from today, march 29th to be exact, littlekind and seven other etsy sellers will be apart of a pop up shop at west elm. i am really excited (and a little nervous) to be a part. it's going to be a really great day.

in other related news, we're slowly but surely finishing our 2013 summer project. oh, it's almost a year later? whoops. 
we've learned a lot through the almost year long DIY demo of a room. one of the main things being, if you don't own a drill and you don't have a plan, you probably shouldn't tear up the floors and strip painted wallpapered walls. but, nevertheless, we persevered and now have a (mostly) functioning office. 

so, here's a little snapshot from our office's inaugural day:

exciting things are ahead! 

and if you're in the charlotte area and want to come to the pop up shop, you can get more info here.

the story of halloween costumes.

Friday, March 14, 2014

super winnie, pocohantas winnie and the cutest simba and nala you ever saw. 
my first memories of any kind of sewing were of my mom making halloween costumes for me and my brothers. one year, i was a puppy dog; another, maria from the sound of music; and yet another, dorothy from the wizard of oz. and then there was the one year i was princess jasmine and i had head lice. that costume got ditched pretty quick. 
my mom mostly just sewed for us. a costume to wear or a blanket to sleep with or clothes for my dolls. i'm really thankful for that gift that she gave me, because it was more than that. its a gift that i can now give my girls, too. it has also ruined me on buying store bought costumes (even if i really want to.)

how it really began.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

i started to sew after the 9th grade.
my best friend was moving away to another state and at the time, it felt like the end of the world. i was always the quiet one who befriended the not so quiet ones and it worked.  so, when my not so quiet friend was gone, i knew i would have to make friends on my own and assert myself.
but instead of doing that, i locked myself away in my room for the better part of the school year and started to sew. creating something, in a way, was really therapeutic for me.
i started sewing more and making things to wear. and then i wore those things to school. and oh gosh, looking back, i'm not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. i remember praying all day that the beige tribal flower patterned pants (yeah...) i made wouldn't fall apart at the seam. it was a close call but they made it through the day.
after a few more years of high school and more sewing, i realized how much i really loved creating things with fabric. college helped me find the things i really loved about the world of fashion. and lots of the things i really didn't.
and now, a few more years later, i am stepping out and remembering that nothing really starts from nothing. that even if i feel like i am just starting out, i've got 9th grade maria to remind me what i love to do and why i love it. and i promise i won't ever make another pair of tribal pants.

littlekind begins.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

hey littlekind friends! new posts coming soon!