march 2015 goals

Monday, March 16, 2015

the cutest, most important (and only complete) goal for this month. a tent for this little one year old. 

i was in serious need of some better order and organization in our house at the beginning of 2015. so, it was a real good thing when the fresh start of a new year, a cleaning and organization burst from nesting and a really powerful sermon series at church all came together for the perfect storm of motivation. its also possible that the NPR program i listened to about hoarders and their tendencies may have added in a healthy dose of fear (as in, maybe i don't need every receipt from my 9th grade ski trip.) 

we threw out and gave away more bags of stuff than i thought was possible and it felt really great. its amazing how much easier it is to not be constantly overwhelmed with papers and toys and stuff, when you have, well, less papers and toys and stuff. 

i am trying to move away from just having a clean house that looks clean from afar but is a wreck behind every door and drawer. a big theme for this year, knowing it will busy and we'll add another baby to our family, is that our lives and our home would be life giving. and its hard to do that when everything is just sort of a mess under the surface. whether its inside a closet or inside my heart, i don't want things that look better on the outside than the inside. 

so, in the spirit of trying getting my house and heart in order, i started making monthly goals for myself at the beginning of each month. i've just written them down in my journal the last few months, but its been really helpful to have something on paper to work towards. 

and now, half way into this month, with lots of knowledge and grace that many of these things may not get done, here are some march goals:


- clean out the nursery closet and finish organizing the room.
- get baby monitor/car seat/etc. down from the attic and make sure things are working/replace what isn't.
- special one on one time with each girl before we add another baby girl into the mix.
jared is really great at taking our girls out, but sometimes i forget that i can do that, too. i'm with them most of the time, but i really want to plan something that's special and intentional just for them. 
- finish our taxes
- potty train olive
we'll see about this one. she is so uninterested and anytime i use the "big girls go on the potty" line, she just tells me she wants to be a baby. so much for the second one does it quicker than the first. 
- get coming home outfit for baby girl #3.
we have a little pair of pants that both winnie and olive wore home, so thinking we'll keep with that tradition. 


post 5 blogs this month
two down, three to go. 
-make teepee for florence's first birthday! Done!
our niece, florence, turned one this past weekend! can't wait to see them next month!
- get office completely organized.
i'm almost there. its been a long process, but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
- create a small inventory of products to be able to send out in the months after baby #3.

sisters, part two.

Monday, March 9, 2015

just because i can't get enough of these two.