floral geometry.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'little floral geometry.' by littlekind

a little bit of flowers. a little bit of geometrics. a little bit of both. enjoy!

SNUG.GEOMETRIC triangle / m...

Rose Bouquet in Peach- Water...

GEOMETRY - Screen printed ca...

Magnolia and Flower illustra...

Geometric Grey Toddler Skirt...

A3 Abstract Modern Danish Ar...

Penn Grid in metallic ink ha...

Morning Walk Print 8 x 10

girls' cotton blouse wit...

Wild Pansies _ 10X10 art pri...

Modern small geometric plant...

littlefour organic interlock...

White Floral Pillow with Pin...

screenprinted A6 ivory journ...

Garden Blossoms Cosmetic Pou...

abstract fine art print . ev...
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teepee meetings.

Monday, May 26, 2014

we have spent most of our holiday weekend trying to get rid of a cold/fever/pink eye combo. real glamorous. we have now watched "enchanted" about 54,000,000 times through, which is at least 52,000,00 times too many. 
so while my children both nap for the first time in years (the one silver lining to being sick in our house), i've spent time looking through old photos.
it wasn't until i was talking last night with jared that i remembered the first time we really hung out was while he was building this...

yeah, a teepee. we went to art school, guys. meeting while building a teepee comes with the territory. 

so, really, it just seems like i have taken on the teepee mantle for our family.

although, less in a dorm parking lots with a bunch of art students and more in a scattered kitchen with a few wild toddlers. 

new york!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

in less than two weeks, jared and i are headed to nyc for our fifth anniversary. excited, is an understatement.
i have spent most of my free time for the last few weeks mapping out restaurants and stores and places to go and see. 
the only real plans we have is on our actual anniversary night. we have tickets to see the musical, once, and i am so excited. 
i've been thinking through what i want to pack and wear while walking around the city, so i put together an outfit of some things i have (and some things i wish i had ;).
new york city, i am so ready for you!

new york outfit.
perfect chambray denim shirt by madewell // indigo shades by madewell // vegan leather clutch by me! (littlekind)
 // tennis sneakers by bensimon // leggings jeans by gap // sunburst necklace by house of harlow

h&m dress

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

summer weather is just about here and that means easy, no fuss outfits for the girls. and guys, i found a winner. we have one of these h&m dresses and its the perfect summer dress. and since it is a whopping $4.95, i think we will be heading back to get some more. 

happy almost summer!

flower crowns

Monday, May 5, 2014

last night the weather was just about perfect. and admittedly, i'm not the greatest at spending time out in our yard. maybe its the amount of bugs we have or the fact that growing up in south florida taught me to hibernate indoors to avoid the heat. but, regardless, i'm trying to spend more time out on our deck and push the girls to play outside more. 

last night i was showing the girls how to make little flower crowns. our yard is somewhat lacking in the wildflower department, but these little clover flowers got the job done.

little lady olive and 

her sister, lady winnie.

and, while not as adorable as them, a picture from almost five years ago (what?!) on the day we got married. flower crowns for all.