teepee meetings.

Monday, May 26, 2014

we have spent most of our holiday weekend trying to get rid of a cold/fever/pink eye combo. real glamorous. we have now watched "enchanted" about 54,000,000 times through, which is at least 52,000,00 times too many. 
so while my children both nap for the first time in years (the one silver lining to being sick in our house), i've spent time looking through old photos.
it wasn't until i was talking last night with jared that i remembered the first time we really hung out was while he was building this...

yeah, a teepee. we went to art school, guys. meeting while building a teepee comes with the territory. 

so, really, it just seems like i have taken on the teepee mantle for our family.

although, less in a dorm parking lots with a bunch of art students and more in a scattered kitchen with a few wild toddlers. 

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