repeat pattern love.

Monday, April 28, 2014

honestly, there are few things i love in life like i love repeat pattern design. i know that's sort of a strong statement, but there's something about actually drawing and tracing one out on a light box that's really theraputic for me. 
since we've been working on setting up our office and organizing the closet in there, i was digging around in some boxes. i found a notebook that had old drawings from the one repeat pattern class i took in college. 
and not even because they were all that amazing, but just because i remembered how much i love it, i feel a fresh resurgence to work on some new things. 

all of the projects we worked on were only ever drawn on paper and weren't necessarily designed with printing on fabric in mind. but i've been teaching myself some screen printing and i am now determined to design some patterns that i could actually use on fabric. 

and now that i've made you look at my college patterns, i'll leave you with these: 

liberty, you can do no wrong. 

bunnies and chicks.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

a collection of items i put together from other etsy kids members. bunnies and chicks!

baseball and birthdays

Friday, April 18, 2014

a few days ago was jared's birthday and we celebrated with a middle of the week baseball game. the charlotte knights just moved their stadium uptown, which is a bit more appealing than driving down to fort mill (sorry fort mill.) it was a lot of fun, even if the girls only lasted in the seats for about 40 minutes. 

they mostly just yelled at the dragon mascot, so winnie was thrilled when we bumped in to him while walking around. she ran over and threw her arms around him. 

there was a big grass hill that looked over the stadium where we spent most of our time. the girls thought it was so cool, running up and down. 

overall, it was a really great night. i love this little family of mine. 

love notes

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Dear mama, Mama I love you. I wish I was back at New Horizons. It's so much nicer. You can't get detentions. I miss Mrs. Case, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Mclhaughlin. I love you more than anything. Maybe we can to to the movie Ever After. Love ya more than words can say. Love, Rere."

my mom and i had a journal that we passed back and forth at nights for most of the end of elementary school and middle school. i would ask her questions about make up or friends or i'd just write and say sorry for having a bad attitude all day. and without fail, she'd write me back and leave it waiting on my pillow before i went to bed. what a mom. she gave them all to me and reading over them is so sweet and funny (i wish i could show you all the times i asked her about white eyeshadow.)

the little heart note pillows that are in the littlekind shop came from the idea of my mom and i writing notes to each other. a way to continue on that tradition and make our beds look cute at the same time ;)

you can find the pillows here:

easter dresses

Sunday, April 13, 2014

easter is only a week away! and with little girls that means time (or really, past time ;) to think about easter dresses. 
here's a list of some of my favorites:

3. dot shirtdress by j.crew
4. jersey dress by h&m
6. lurex printed dress by gap

happy monday!

Monday, April 7, 2014

some things i love.
top left and bottom right: "singing away the dark" julie morstad
top right: "through me" by jen corace
bottom left: "floral heart print" by rifle paper co.

so, don't hate me for saying this, but, i sort of like monday mornings (i would even go as far as say love them, but i want you to still at least like me a little bit.)
i know mondays are meant to be dreaded, but lately i've realized that i don't really dread them. right now, my girls aren't in school so i'm not trying to get everyone ready and out the door (i'll report back in i  the fall when winnie starts preschool) and i don't have to get dressed up and commute into work.
mondays for me mean fresh starts and the opportunity to do better than this week than last. to have a better attitude or manage my time better or be a more loving mom and wife. or maybe just try and give myself a little more grace this week than i did last. 
so, here's to a fresh start to the week and a great monday!

snapshots from the etsy + west elm pop up shop

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

this past weekend was the etsy + west elm pop up shop that i was invited to be apart of. i just wanted to share a few quick snapshots of the day (and the days leading up to it.)

jared was out of town for the week leading up to it, so getting thing done with two toddlers and little alone time was a bit challenging. the girls were troopers, though, and spent a lot of time watching frozen ;)

my set up for the day. 

overall, it was a really great day. feeling really thankful for great friends and great opportunities