love notes

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Dear mama, Mama I love you. I wish I was back at New Horizons. It's so much nicer. You can't get detentions. I miss Mrs. Case, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Mclhaughlin. I love you more than anything. Maybe we can to to the movie Ever After. Love ya more than words can say. Love, Rere."

my mom and i had a journal that we passed back and forth at nights for most of the end of elementary school and middle school. i would ask her questions about make up or friends or i'd just write and say sorry for having a bad attitude all day. and without fail, she'd write me back and leave it waiting on my pillow before i went to bed. what a mom. she gave them all to me and reading over them is so sweet and funny (i wish i could show you all the times i asked her about white eyeshadow.)

the little heart note pillows that are in the littlekind shop came from the idea of my mom and i writing notes to each other. a way to continue on that tradition and make our beds look cute at the same time ;)

you can find the pillows here:

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