happy monday!

Monday, April 7, 2014

some things i love.
top left and bottom right: "singing away the dark" julie morstad
top right: "through me" by jen corace
bottom left: "floral heart print" by rifle paper co.

so, don't hate me for saying this, but, i sort of like monday mornings (i would even go as far as say love them, but i want you to still at least like me a little bit.)
i know mondays are meant to be dreaded, but lately i've realized that i don't really dread them. right now, my girls aren't in school so i'm not trying to get everyone ready and out the door (i'll report back in i  the fall when winnie starts preschool) and i don't have to get dressed up and commute into work.
mondays for me mean fresh starts and the opportunity to do better than this week than last. to have a better attitude or manage my time better or be a more loving mom and wife. or maybe just try and give myself a little more grace this week than i did last. 
so, here's to a fresh start to the week and a great monday!

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