repeat pattern love.

Monday, April 28, 2014

honestly, there are few things i love in life like i love repeat pattern design. i know that's sort of a strong statement, but there's something about actually drawing and tracing one out on a light box that's really theraputic for me. 
since we've been working on setting up our office and organizing the closet in there, i was digging around in some boxes. i found a notebook that had old drawings from the one repeat pattern class i took in college. 
and not even because they were all that amazing, but just because i remembered how much i love it, i feel a fresh resurgence to work on some new things. 

all of the projects we worked on were only ever drawn on paper and weren't necessarily designed with printing on fabric in mind. but i've been teaching myself some screen printing and i am now determined to design some patterns that i could actually use on fabric. 

and now that i've made you look at my college patterns, i'll leave you with these: 

liberty, you can do no wrong. 

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