the story of halloween costumes.

Friday, March 14, 2014

super winnie, pocohantas winnie and the cutest simba and nala you ever saw. 
my first memories of any kind of sewing were of my mom making halloween costumes for me and my brothers. one year, i was a puppy dog; another, maria from the sound of music; and yet another, dorothy from the wizard of oz. and then there was the one year i was princess jasmine and i had head lice. that costume got ditched pretty quick. 
my mom mostly just sewed for us. a costume to wear or a blanket to sleep with or clothes for my dolls. i'm really thankful for that gift that she gave me, because it was more than that. its a gift that i can now give my girls, too. it has also ruined me on buying store bought costumes (even if i really want to.)

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