new york city.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a few weeks ago, for our five year anniversary, we took a long weekend trip to new york city. we hadn't been out of town just the two of babies, no pregnancy, no work since, well....our honeymoon.

the girls and i got really sick right before we left and i actually ended up getting pneumonia. it was a long two weeks of sickness that lasted right up until we left. but thanks to lots of medicine and rest and a doctor clearing me to travel, the morning we left we felt like this...

we stayed a the roger hotel and i can not describe to you how amazing the terrace off our room was. new york, outside and that high up, feels a lot different and more peaceful than the manic city right below it. we spent the last night there with takeout and a view of the empire state building.

on the actual day of our anniversary we spent the day walking around and shopping and eating. a few of my favorite things. also, there were a group of men playing ping pong in bryant park, so clearly jared needed to stop and watch awhile.

on the night of the anniverary, we ate dinner at butter and went to the broadway show, once. i fell in love with the movie and the music when it came out in college and the show did not disappoint. 

the next day we walked up through central park and stopped at two super important landmarks, the fountain that giselle danced around in enchanted and the balto statue. i am pretty sure winnie expected us to actually run into giselle and balto while we were there. 

we had brunch at the boathouse in central park. so good. 

we ended up at the museum of natural history. jared loved seeing all the fossils and i had forgetten how beautiful all the animal displays were. also, little teepees. 

we walked around so much that day. and we're usually not great about taking pictures together (or correction, i just can't ever seem to be not awkward in pictures) but we sucked it up and took a few together. baby steps.

we left later in the day on sunday so we were able to spend the morning at hillsong nyc. carl lentz preached a great message and it was fun being able to see community and church taking place in the center of a city like nyc.

oh, don't mind us, just practicing our picture taking/selfie skills.

as much as i love nyc and loved our weekend away, we were ready to get back to our life at home and our girls. and nothing makes you want to go home more than spending six hours waiting for a delayed plane.

until next time, nyc!

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