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Friday, July 4, 2014

last christmas, jared gave me a really generous gift of some money set aside just to spend on shopping when we were in nyc.
(side note: we actually did this with most of the money we took on the trip. set it aside outside of our account, so that when vacation came around it didn't feel like a chunk of money was leaving our account. mental note to do that again, much less stress when i am supposed to be relaxing.)
we spent a lot of our trip walking around and eating and walking around and shopping and walking around.
it's always a treat with two kids when i spend money on clothing for myself, so it was fun to get a few new things.

we walked around anthropologie and i got this top and dress. the dress i wore on our actual anniversary dinner. and both were on major sale, so even better. 

clovelly peplum top // tonnelle dress
this j.crew shirt (and the madewell stuff below it) has been one of my favorite summer mom outfits without being a summer mom outfit.
vintage cotton tee
madewell can sometimes be a little pricey, but you can catch some really great sales and the price has reflected the quality so far in anything i've bought. also, the shorts remind me a little bit of the cheerleading shorts we all wore in middle school and high school (even though we never did cheerleading.) just a lot better and without weird phrases written across the back.

track shorts // shape study earrings
we knew we wanted to bring home the girls something special and on our last day walking around the city, we were having lunch across from this little store in chelsea. it was so cute inside and we picked out a little dress for each of them. 

my little sunshine

we got the dress on the left in pink for olive and the other dress for winnie. they are both made my a company, siaomimi. really cute stuff.

all in all, it was a great weekend!

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