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Saturday, February 14, 2015

we have a long running joke now that goes something like this...
we'll be talking or i'll think of a show/movie/band that i was really into in, say high school or college and every single time i ask jared if he liked them, he'll say something like "oh, yeah, they were my favorite in 6th grade." we're only a few months apart age-wise and although he has older siblings, he's also seemed to be one (or ten) steps ahead. 

we met in college, art school to be exact. it probably wasn't until the end of high school that i realized i wanted to do something in the art field. up until that point i had thought about social work or something that fit better with my "i like to memorize facts" mind. jared had been drawing since he was little boy and making videos with his friends all through school. he's always known what we wanted to do. 

i really like to follow rules and get a little panicky if i know i'm breaking one. even those small, probably shouldn't be a rule rules (i know, it's annoying.) jared has more of a rules are guidelines approach. he's honorable and does what is right, but doesn't let the rules of how things are supposed to be done stop him from what he has his mind set on doing. 

i tend to be careful and analytical and in my own head. i like to think through the 352 ways something could unfold (go wrong) before i move forward. jared is quick to respond and react and doesn't get worried or stressed over most anything.

and sometimes it feels like it would be easier, if we started out more on the same page, if we were maybe a little more similar. 
but the Lord knew what he was doing, imagine that. because i know that i've grown so much more as a person and a wife and a mom because of the way that my husband does things differently that i do. he challenges me to see things differently.

so, today, i am thankful for my early adopter husband that let's me pretend i have any clue what song/band/movie he is talking about (also, thanks Jesus for google, i can pretend i know what movie or person he's tweeting about.) i'm thankful the Lord knew that maybe he'd need a little help grounding himself and i would need a lot of help getting out of my shell and my head. i'm thankful that the Lord can take two really different people and make something beautiful.

and jared, your four girls think you're the best. thanks for making my life and their little lives an adventure. 

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